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Meet Dr. Peter Holst

Middletown Chiropractor, Dr. Peter Holst

Middletown Chiropractor, Dr. Peter Holst

Discovering All Chiropractic Can Do

After lifting heavy boxes at her job in the hospital, Dr. Holst’s wife injured her back. When Dr. Holst came home one day to find her lying on the floor, he suggested they try seeing a chiropractor together at New York Chiropractic College’s clinic. His wife’s back problems improved, and Dr.Holst’s cluster headaches went away. Inspired, he looked into chiropractic school himself.

Dr. Holst attended New York Chiropractic College. After graduating in 1985, Dr. Holst moved upstate to Dutchess County before later making the move across the Hudson to Middletown.

Outside of the Office

Dr. Holst has two wonderful kids. His son Alex just graduated with a degree in Automotive Technology from Morrisville State College, and his daughter will soon graduate from Messiah College and plans to start teaching elementary school.

He is the past president and current chairman of the membership community of the Middletown Lions Club. This gives him an opportunity to go out and serve our community with scholarships, eyeglasses, vision screenings, and food programs.

Helping You Find Wellness

Dr. Holst’s ultimate goal is for all of his patients to achieve wellness. Why is wellness better than simply “getting better?” Wellness is your optimal health. Dr. Holst’s over 30-year experience has enabled him to look deeply into determining the real cause of your pain. “I always take the time to fully explain my findings to you. We want to go beyond making you feel better, while being mindful of your time and individual concerns.”

Dr. Holst’s many years of experience will give you the best health care to meet your goals. Call our office today to start! (845) 344-0444